Union Board Canvas Creative Arts

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Thank you for your interest in submitting work to the 2020 Canvas Creative Arts Magazine! Please review the following guidelines carefully and complete the form. Submissions that fail to follow these guidelines will not be considered. Please feel free to email us at canvas@indiana.edu with any questions. 

*You MUST be an Indiana University student in order to submit your work*

General Information 

• You may submit up to six visual AND/OR six written pieces. 

• The title of you submission must be your last name, first name (example: Smith, John) followed by the title of the piece.

Please note that each submission should be submitted seperately, as we may accept some pieces and not others, and you may submit 6 pieces all together. If you submit more than 6 we will only consider the first 6. 

Visual Guidelines 

• We request that the file size be no smaller than 300 dpi with dimensions of at least 6”x8” (Higher resolutions and larger dimensions are always encouraged). 

• Each file must be labeled with your last name followed by an underscore and then the title of the piece. (Example: Smith_PurpleFlower.jpg)

Written Guidelines 

• Written pieces may not exceed 2000 words. 

• No more than one piece per page. Please be sure each piece is clearly titled in the document. 

• Each file must be labeled with your last name followed by an underscore and then the title of the piece. (Example: Smith_MyBestStory.doc) 

Canvas Author/Artist Contract 

This contract entered on (today’s date), by and between the Indiana Memorial Union Board (hereafter referred to as IMUB), and (your name) (hereafter referred to as the Author/Artist) in consideration of the mutual covenants herein made, it is agreed as follows: 

1. The Author/Artist consents to the publication of his/her original poetry, prose, or artwork (described in #6 below) in the issue of Canvas to which he/she submitted. 

2. The purpose of the Union Board Canvas publication is to promote and nurture creative expression in all forms through the magazine. IMUB reserves the right to edit accepted works without changing the intent of the Author/Artist 

3. No monetary gain is to be realized by the Union Board, Indiana University, or their members or employees.  

4. The Author/Artist retains all rights and privileges to their original work. 

5. It is the responsibility of the Author/Artist to register for a copyright of his/her composition to assure full legal protection under United States Copyright Laws. 

6. The following information accurately describes the original work and the Author/Artist authorizes its inclusions in credits for the publication, press releases and advertising for the publication, and any other public means of distribution with respect to promoting the publication in a gallery setting. 

7. All additions and deletions to this contract must be initialed and dated by both parties to be valid. No portion of the Indiana Memorial Union Board contract may be crossed out or modified without the consent of the IMUB, in writing. 

8. Union Board reserves the right to feature artists’ work in promotional material to advertise the Canvas magazine. 

I understand that the by submitting this form it constitutes my digital signature and binds me to this agreement. 

Union Board Canvas Creative Arts